Discover the Basque country, steeped in tradition, culture and conviviality, at the foot of the Pyrenees and on the Atlantic coast, and fall under the charm of its traditional sport, Basque pelota, its language, gastronomy, landscapes and villages full of character.

Ascain, a pretty Basque village with its main pelota court and characteristic houses is 6km from the ocean and the train to the summit of the Rhune is nearby.

Situated in a French enclave which runs into the Spanish Navarra province, Sare is ranked as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France and has remarkably decorated 17th and 18th century Basque-style houses. The fronton in the main square hosts many pelota games and has played an important role in the game’s history.

Ainhoa also ranks as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. Founded in the 13th century this walled town was a halt for pilgrims on the French Pilgrim Routes of Santiago de Compostela.

Espelette gives its name to the red pepper, piment d’espelette, found in many Basque dishes and celebrates the condiment, traditionally hung outside homes to dry, in October each year.

Don’t miss a trip to Cambo les Bains to visit author Edmond Rostand’s stately home the Villa Arnaga. Surrounded by French and English style gardens, many of the writer’s souvenirs are on display in a belle époque decor.

La Bastide Clairance, another of France’s Most Beautiful Villages is also worth a visit for its many art and craft workshops.

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