San Sebastián, the pearl of the northern Spanish coast is just 40 min drive from Bayonne with direct access from the motorway. Tourists from all over the world flock every year to this magnificent bay set against the backdrop of the Monte Igueldo peak.

The old centre (la parte vieja) has enticing tapas bars. At one end of the port overlooking the ocean, the Marine Museum has a unique panoramic walk through underwater tunnel with hundreds of species to appeal to visitors.

Bilbao is an attractive and lively city and has an old centre packed with shops, restaurants and pleasant streets and squares to wander through.

The Guggenheim Museum symbolises Bilbao and has become a driving force for culture and tourism in the Basque country. The spectacular titanium covered building, designed by Frank O. Gehry in 1997 houses a vast collection of its own as well as sharing with New York and Venice the world’s largest and most significant private collection of modern and contemporary art.

The Museum of Fine Arts is one of Spain’s most prestigious and houses 3 extremely valuable collections of paintings of old (Le Greco, Zurbarán, Goya and Van Dyck), contemporary (Gauguin, Bacon and Tàpies) and Basque art (Regoyos, Zuloaga and Iturrino).

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