Pierre Ibaialde's workshop is situated in the heart of the Petit Bayonne area, a stone's throw from the banks of the River Nive, the cathedral and the shopping district. A descendant of Basque farmers he is maintaining local family traditions of farmyard butchering and processing. Pierre and his small team, season cured meats and other delicacies to perfection.

The visit starts with a presentation of the ham making process and the traditional methods used, as well as recounting the more colourful parts of the story of ham in Bayonne. After the presentation you can visit the salting tub and ham drying-room where the attractive colours of the hams in salt and the mouth watering smells from the drying-room hint at the quality of the products. The tour ends with a tasting where you can sample the local flavours in a friendly atmosphere. For those of you tempted to buy, visit the adjoining shop.

Tours last about 40 minutes and are on every day except Saturday afternoon in off-peak season and all day Sunday.

Visits in French only.
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