Chocolate making is a time honoured tradition in Bayonne where bitter, dark and cocoa-rich chocolate has made the town famous for almost 4 centuries. Bayonne organises its Chocolate Days (Les Journées du Chocolat) in honour of this delicacy. A must for gourmets!

In keeping with tradition, Bayonne celebrates chocolate for two days every year. Confectioners invite visitors to watch them make chocolate in the streets and taste their mouthwatering wares. Guided tours through the town retrace the history of chocolate in Bayonne. These days of delicious indulgence also include an exhibition, conferences and admittance of new members to Bayonne’s Chocolate Appreciation Society.

The Toursit Office runs a guided tour on the theme all year round.

Chocolate and architecture are the main ingredients of this gourmet tour of the urban architechture, discovering town houses and staircases and ending with a cup of drinking chocolate just like in the 17th century!

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